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CHC Housing Districts

District 3

District Manager

Darlene Curran:
Darlene can be reached at 519-254-1681 extension 3242.

The Property Clerks can be reached at 519-254-1681 extension 2253 or 2252.

Contact this district manager.

Income Review Clerk

The Income Review Clerk can be reached at 519-254-1681, ext. 2215

Community Relations Worker

Carmela Battisti - 519-254-1681, ext. 3245,
or Michelle Gaudette - 519-254-1681 extension 3248

District 3 Communities

Fontainebleau Row/Singles, Fontainebleau Towers, Ford/Ferndale, Central Avenue.

Office Location

Fountainebleau Towers
2455 Rivard

Office Hours Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 4PM, closed daily from noon - 1pm.
Closed Fridays customer service available by phone. Fax: 519-945-6881