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District 3

District Manager

Darlene Curran:
Darlene can be reached at 519-254-1681 extension 3242.

The Property Clerks can be reached at 519-254-1681 extension 2253 or 2252.

Contact this district manager.

Income Review Clerk

The Income Review Clerk can be reached at 519-254-1681, ext. 2215

Community Relations Worker

Reilly Chadwick 519-254-1681 x 2235 if you live in the following communities: Fontainebleau Towers, Grandview, Fontainebleau Singles

Please call 519-254-1681 x 2221 if you live in the following community: Reginald

Brad Toulouse 519-254-1681 x 3247 if you live in the following community: Central

District 3 Communities

Fontainebleau Row/Singles, Fontainebleau Towers, Ford, Ferndale, Central Avenue.

Office Location

Fountainebleau Towers
2455 Rivard

Fax: 519-945-6881

Temporary Public Health Measures will be in place for a least 21 days beginning Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

This District Office is closed to the public at this time. While this office is closed to in-person service, residents can still access district office services by telephone, email or web.

You can connect with your District Office by phone, email and our website Our service change will not impact emergency repairs or services. These services will be prioritized over non-emergency maintenance or service calls.

Visit or call 519-254-1681 for more information.

Office Hours

Open Monday - Friday
9am – 12pm: Office Open
12pm - 1pm: Office Closed for lunch
4pm: Office closed.