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CHC Housing Districts

District 4

District Manager

Julie Simard
Julie can be reached at 519-776-4631 extension 4004

Property Clerk can be reached at 519-776-4631 extension 4000.

The Income Review Clerk can be reached at 519-776-4631 extension 4002

Contact this district manager.

Housing Services Representative

The Housing Services Representative can be reached at 519-776-4631 extension 4005.

Community Relations Worker

Brad Toulouse 519-254-1681 ext. 3247 if you live in the following communities: The Town of Essex, Town of Leamington, Town of Kingsville, Town of Harrow, Town of LaSalle, Town of Amherstburg
Carmela Battisti 519-254-1681 ext. 3245 if you live in our Lauzon Road community.
Kathy Clarke 519-254-1681 ext. 3248 if you live in the following communities: Riverside Family/Seniors, Clairview, Little River, Tecumseh and Belle River

District 4 Communities

Riverside Families and Seniors, Clairview/Watson Seniors, Villages of Riverside, Lauzon Road.

Warren Park Fort/Main, 340 & 346 Victoria.

The Cedars, 165 Talbot, 29 Lutsch, 17 Nancy.

Maplewood Apartments, 111-109 Brien.

194 Division, 32 Prince Albert.

Ell-Roy Manor, 14 King.

Belle River:
642 St.Charles.

11934 Arbour.

1905 Delmar.

Office Location

The District Office is closed to the public until further notice. The office is available for inquiries by phone and email.

15 C Talbot Street North, Essex:
Fax: 519-776-5510
Office Hours: Open Monday to Friday, 8:30AM - 4:00PM - closed daily between Noon and 1PM.

For your convenience you can also access our:
Main Office located at 945 McDougall, Windsor
The Rivard Office at Fontainebleau Towers, 2455 Rivard

Office Hours

Open Monday - Friday
9am – 12pm: Office Open
12pm - 1pm: Office Closed for lunch
4pm: Office closed.